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These days, many antivirus companies are branching out and now sell VPNs, tweaking and cleaning software and various other services or applications. While you as a user might have no interest in anything else being offered apart from the free antivirus, the antivirus company is keen to make you aware that these other products exist. A few vendors have gone further and now put their free antivirus behind a launcher fronted that advertises their other products.

Both AVG and Avira have gone down this route and when you click the tray or desktop icon for the antivirus it takes you to the launcher instead. AVG’s interface | +1-855-560-0666(toll-free) is called Zen while Avira’s launcher is called Connect. They are referred to as central hubs to control the products you own from the company on all your devices. In reality, though, they are a hindrance for the majority of users that just want the antivirus and are not interested in any of the other products.

Check 1. For those who dislike AVG Zen | +1-855-560-0666(toll-free), the bad news is the 2017 free antivirus has integrated it even more tightly into the package than before. Previous methods to uninstall Zen or stop it from installing altogether now don’t work. Therefore, the best option with the current AVG Antivirus Free is to disable Zen so you don’t have to use it

  • If you don’t have it already, download and install AVG Antivirus Free  (watch out for the adware). AVG no longer offers a full offline installer on their main download pages, so download the 3MB stub installer and install while connected to the internet.
  • Once AVG has installed open the Antivirus interface via Zen and go to Menu > Settings at the top right.
  • Click on Troubleshooting and uncheck the option for Enable AVG Self Protection Module. Press OK and Yes to accept the warning.
Disable self protection in AVG free

  • Close all AVG windows and open the Registry Editor by typing Regedit into Start or the Run dialog (Win+R).
  • Right-click on the Zen key and press Delete. Close Regedit again.
delete zen registry key

Check 2.

If you still have an AVG Antivirus related problem 
Call AVG helpline number +1-855-560-0666(toll-free)

AVG phone number
AVG support number


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