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1-855My love for AVG Free is pretty well known. I've already covered whether AVG Free is enough for your computer and when you should schedule AVG updates | +1-855-560-0666(toll-free). I also have a fairly good guide for installing AVG. Therefore, it only makes sense to cover what you should do if you find your computer running slow after AVG installation.

I'll try to cover just what might be causing the problem, help you fix it, and also cover how to easily disable AVG Free if you continue to have trouble with it.


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This is actually pretty simple. AVG and AVG Free are resource hogs. They take up a surprising amount of CPU and RAM when they're running their scans. Now, what's probably happening is that you're stuck with scheduled scans that they set by default. These should be set to run daily. These are full scans. A full scan takes a few hours when running at normal speed even on a good computer. The really big problem is that the scan doesn't give much notice when it happens, just a popup in the bottom right corner that you might miss and a quick summary once it's done. You might not even know that it's happening unless you just happen to mouse over the AVG symbol.

The worst part may be that the scan will just pause when you shut down the computer. With poor timing, this can result in scans running whenever you're on the computer. This is the most likely reason for your computer running slow after AVG installation.

There isn't much else that could cause it. The resident shield shouldn't eat up power and updates are fairly brief. They should only cause lag for a minute or so once a day. Chances are that the slowdown is just because of your scheduled scan.

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If you still have an AVG Antivirus related problem 

AVG technical support phone number | +1-855-560-0666(toll-free)
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AVG support number


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